Munroe Thuruthu
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Munroe thguruth-history

Munroe thuruth-history

In 1795 the British established their supremacy in South India and Kerala came under their governance.From 1800 onwards, inorder to maintain British Supremacy in Kerala, a Resident was appointed by the British Administrative head. The First Resident was Colonel Collin Macaulay followed by Colonel John Munro. During Munro’s time a senior priest of the Malankara Sabha, Pulikottil Joseph Kathanar expressed his desire to establish seminary for training priests and a place to settle the newly converted Christians.
The piece of land thus provided by the Mercy of Colonel Munro was named after him by the locals and is still known as Munro Thuruth.
Colonel John Munro
          John Munro enlisted in the British Army in 1791. He fought in Sri Rangapattanam under Arthur Wellessley. He was a linguist and was also a Persian Translator. By 1806 he became the Quarter master General of Madras Army with the rank of Lieutanant Colonel. He was made the Resident of Travancore and Cochin. Munro was ruthless to root out corruption and crime, and was just and forgiving. Though he was a British Resident, as a Divan (Minister) of Travancore and Cochin, time and again, he argued against the British on behalf of the states. In due course, he was loved by the Rajas and Ranees as well as by the people.

          History has recorded that Colonel John Munro was the greatest British Administrator of Travancore and Cochin in 150 years of British Dominion.
          John Munro went back to his birth place in Teaninich, Ross Shire in Scotland and lived there until he died in 1858. His birth place is now a Tourist Resort.